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TM VSteel and it ain't close. SadTrombone wrote:. XR16 Driver Ping G series. Shallow face helps get the ball Air Bourne Modern callaway fairways are my favorite xhot, x2hot and xr. The hot face makes these very forgiving especially when hit low on the face. Nomad Golfer. The easy answer is whatever works for you and gives you confidence.

Had them for years and I know what they do. If it ain't broke, no need to fix it. Older and newer Adams Tight Lies.

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My son loves the older ones of my dad's he's using and I picked up a. Tight Lies 2 this year that is easy to hit off the deck,or tee.

I've been through a number and tee are longest when caught right but R9 has been most consistent. And a nod to the mashie if you're in a little rough. Distance- TM M2's and both yrs are long! TollBros wrote:. Ping G Thing is as idiot proof as you can make a 3wood. Adams Tight Lies Ti. Past it would be an old Mizuno mp and present i love my Rbz stage 2.

Love my Alpha Most consistent fairway wood I've hit in years. Easy off the deck, easy off the tee. Ping G LST 8.

Tiger Woods past girlfriends: The women who have been linked to Tiger Woods

I've always been a huge fan of the G25 4 wood, but the adjustability of the GBB Fairway, forgiveness and results put it at the top of my list. I have the M2 3HL and the M2 Not a fan of the and the is edged, again, by the adjustability of the GBB. And the GBB can be used by pretty much anyone and great off the deck.

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  4. Molinari," which is also what the patrons likely thought. Tiger handed Frank the Headcover to Joe the caddie and pounded the horizon at the 14th. It ended in par, but it set up a four-hole close that would be among the greatest hour-long stretches in golf history. The best shot at Augusta National is the second into No. It's the last moment you have to yourself before descending into a lair of spectators ready to see the tournament turn. As a private jet -- probably Rory McIlroy heading home, I remarked to another media member -- cut through the darkening sky, Tiger pumped a 5-iron to the middle of the green and two-putted for another birdie to push his number to 13 under.

    Frank the Italian leaked oil with a seven at the 15th. He was cooked.

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    Ahead of them, Patrick Cantlay stumbled home as Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Xander Schauffele were unable to muster much-needed birdies at the final two holes. They finished at 12 under. There was nowhere to go on the 16th, so we watched from the hill on No. I grabbed a colleague by his rain jacket and hollered as the ball trundled for the cup, "Tiger's going to make a one on the 16th on Sunday at the Masters with the lead!

    It didn't fall, but it came close enough that it effectively ended the tournament. There is a breathless quality at the 16th. Maybe all par 3s are like that, but the inhalation during a player's practice swings combined with the exhalation when the ball is struck make for the most dramatic shot on the second nine for everyone in contention. All Woods needed was a tap in to move it to 14 under.

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    The jacket was slipping from the field, and everyone knew it. Woods smoked his drive at the 17th, and roars normally reserved for slick approaches and big-boy birdies were being unfurled on tee shots. The ovation Woods got on his tee shot on the 17th was louder than most birdie cheers on the property throughout the day. Woods stuck the landing on the 17th green to 11 feet. Before he hit the putt, Woods grabbed his putter and dried his hands with a towel. He stared at the board looming over No.

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    6. Seven numbers were missing. Two each from his threesome at Nos. I wonder what he thought about as he stared at that board. I wonder if he thought about the time he stared at it 22 years ago as his father waited for him yards away behind the 18th green. I wonder if he thought about the time in when he stuck two 5s in those last two slots and almost blew the best 2 at No.

      James Adducci, who won $1.2M on Tiger Woods bet, has history of domestic violence

      Woods missed the foot birdie putt, but it didn't matter. On the 18th, he hit 3-wood and sheathed it with a flip spin of the club. The walk up the 18th was a parade. Patrons lined the left side that bends around a bathroom and runs up parallel with the 9th green.

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      They also lined the right side through the woods and up the 10th. The top of the hill was chaotic. Chairs ran 20 deep. Humans ran double that or more. Nobody could see anything, but nobody was going to miss saying they were there for one of the greatest days in golf history. Near the back where I stood, spectators ran 60 or 70 deep in a straight line. Grown men and women in hats with yellow maps of America on the front popped up and down like jack-in-the-boxes for the next minute as Woods prepared to two-putt for bogey and a one-stroke win, his 15th major and fifth green jacket.

      After Molinari got the "thank you for ejecting" applause on the 18th, Woods finally closed and screamed. The place melted. Like Nicklaus in , a scoreboard operator pumped his arm up and down from 30 feet in the air as if conducting a train. The roar was the loudest I've ever encountered up close at a Masters.

      Tiger made his way up the hill and embraced his kids. His son Charlie came hurtling at him, and Tiger wrapped him up. It was the same spot where he embraced his father 22 years ago. The Masters is nothing if not a tremendous marker for the passage of time. And those images are a new touchstone. Wright Thompson said Augusta is about fathers and sons. When Tiger embraced Charlie, I believed it. Simply incredible. As Woods zig-zagged to everyone in his group behind the green, somebody among the thousands started chanting "Ti-ger, Ti-ger, Ti-ger.

      Woods walked toward the scoring building, and he released years of frustrating injuries and futile showings at the majors he desperately craves. He pounded the hands of people he'll never see again and screamed into the Augusta air until his voice was hoarse. At the champions dinner, between bites of Danny Willett's mini cottage pies, Woods gasped that he was toast.

      The only toast is one raised to the greatest winner in golf history. The previous dinner, the champions dinner [in ], I was really struggling and missed a couple years of not playing this great tournament. German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote: "Talent hits a target that no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

      Nobody saw this target for Woods. I'm not talking about the one on the 2nd hole or the 9th or the 15th but rather the one beyond the 18th. The one where they hand out -- as Woods apparently calls them -- the "green coats. Who could have seen that coming 12 or 18 or 36 or even 72 months ago? It is a target that didn't even exist. Woods created it out of thin air, and then he hit it. In doing so, Woods set a new record by going 14 years between Masters wins. It's fitting that his first major win since his fourth back surgery came at this incredible course some think is the most ingenious puzzle in the sport.

      There is a brilliance to unlocking its secrets. There is a genius to doing it five different times with nearly as many different swings. As Woods finally entered the scoring building to make his historic round official, the sun was sheathed by a bundle of clouds.

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      It began to rain. The scene and the reality of it all were both surreal. It was a reminder that, some day, all of this will wash away. All of the memories and all of the bodies and all of the jackets and all of the trophies will be laid to rest.