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Though he was a wanted man before this crime, the killing of the three innocent people stepped up the pursuit of Vasquez and his outlaw cohorts. Vasquez Rocks, California, courtesy Wikipedia.

Over the next several months, Vasquez continued his life of crime but managed to elude the posses by hiding in the canyons around the Tejon Pass. One of his favorite hiding spots was a steeply sloped rock formation about 40 miles north of Los Angeles , today known as Vasquez Rocks. News of his capture quickly spread and news reporters were clamoring for interviews, in which the outlaw told reported that he was an honorable man who sought only the return of California to Mexico.

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There he became a celebrity and folk hero to fellow Hispanic Californians, with hundreds of people coming to visit him, many of whom were women. The charming Vasquez entertained them all, posing for photographs and giving out autographs. He even sold many of the photographs himself from the window of his cell, in order to pay for his legal defense. In January , his trial began, and though he admitted his involvement in many of the crimes attributed to him, he denied that he had ever killed anyone.

But, it was to no avail, as he was found guilty of two counts of murder in the Tres Pinos incident and sentenced to death. Clemency was denied by Governor Romualdo Pacheco. On November 25, , Chavez was shot and killed when he resisted arrest by lawmen near Yuma, Arizona. Outlaw Gangs. Outlaws on the Frontier. Vasquez Gang of California. It was a lover of his that came from Mexico. Two weeks after she gave him up they took her back to Mexico she got a bullet in her head.

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Thats the real story. Is this even accuarate? Or one of those stories told by white people that make non-whites look bad when actually the white people were taking land and killing non-whites? Native Americans claim Vasquez was a chief of the Monterey Coastal tribes. I find nothing to back this up. Any ideas on this claim?


Your email address will not be published. September, You will always find me eager to evince my devotedness to the good of the country, of which I endeavoured to give some proof in my letter of the 4th, which I make no doubt you received. Amongst other papers that have fallen into my hands, I send you a scrap which appears to me of sufficient importance to merit your attention. Doubtless this point is considered as important. We have hitherto kept on a respectable defensive; if, however, the British attach to the possession of this place the importance they give us rooni to suspect they do, they may employ means above our strength.

I know not whether, in that case, proposals of intelligence with government would be out of season. It is always from my high opinion of your enlightened niind, that I request you to advise me in this affair. Just what was done — exactly what form of the celebration took will never be known, but in the collection of Lafitte letters the following from Pierre, the elder, is found:. I am persuaded he could not have made a better choice than in making you the depositary of the papers that were sent to us and which may be of great importance to the state.

Being fully determined to follow the plan that may reconcile us with the government, I herewith send you a letter directed to his excellency the governor, which I submit to your discretion, to deliver or not, as you may think proper. I have not yet been honored with an answer from you. The moments are precious; pray send me an answer that may serve to direct my measures in the circumstsances in which I find myself.

In the meantime, the two weeks asked for by Lafitte to consider the British proposal, having expired, Captain Lockyer appeared off Grand Terre, and hovered around the inlet several days, anxiously awaiting the answer of Lafitte. At last, his patience being exhausted, and mistrusting the intentions of the Baratarians, he retired. It was about this time that the spirit of Lafitte was sorely tried by the intelligence that the constituted authorities, whom he had supplied with such valuable information, instead of appreciating his generous exertions in behalf of his country, were actually equipping an expedition to destroy his establishment.

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The Baratarians at first thought of resisting with all their means, which were considerable. They collected on the beach armed, their cannon were placed in position, and matches were lighted, when lo! They then surrendered, a few escaping up the Bayou in small boats.

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Lafitte, conformably to his pledge, on hearing of the expedition, had gone to the German coast as it is called — above New Orleans, his brother with him. Commodore Patterson seized all the vessels of the Baratarians and, filling them and his own with the rich goods found on the island, returned to New Orleans loaded with spoils. The Baratarians, who were captured, were ironed and committed to the calaboose. The vessels, money and stores taken in this expedition were claimed as lawful prizes by Commodore Patterson and Colonel Ross. Out of this claim grew a protracted suit, which elicited the foregoing facts, and resulted in establishing the innocence of Lafitte of all other offences but those of privateering — or employing persons to privateer against the commerce of Spain under commissions from the Republic of Colombia and bringing his prizes to the United States, to be disposed of contrary to the provisions of the Neutrality Act.

All that was ever adduced against them, of a circumstantial or inferential character, was the discovery among the goods taken at Barataria of some jewelry which was identified as that of a Creole lady, who had sailed from New Orleans seven years before and was never heard of afterwards. The Creoles were his friends. His own large interests were scattered all over Lower Louisiana. His patriotism has been overpraised; and yet we may allow him patriotism. His whole war, on the main-land side, was only with a set of ideas not superficially fairer than his own.

They seemed to him unsuited to the exigencies of the times and the country. Thousands of Louisianians thought as he did. True, Pierre, his brother, and Dominique You, his most intrepid captain, lay then in the calaboza. This, we of , know. His two lieutenants, Dominique You and Bluche, on January 1st won imperishable fame by the handling of cannon that out-shot the trained artillerists of Pakenham; Pierre Lafitte was given a position of trust the morning of the memorable 8th of January, after the British troops had thrown the American forces on the right bank of the river into confusion, and last, but not least, when General Jackson was mystified as to what direction the invading army would strike the city he was defending, he sent Jean Lafitte to the Barataria region with a strong force to guard against a rear attack from the Gulf.

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Their zeal, their courage, and their skill, were remarked by the whole army who could no longer consider such brave men as criminals, or avoid wishing their permanent return to duty and the favor of the government. These favorable sentiments were expressed by the legislature of the State, in a memorial to the President, and General Jackson added his and those of the army.

The Chief Magistrate of our Government yielded to these intercessions and issued a proclamation by which he granted full and complete pardon to all those who had aided in repulsing the enemy. After the great battle Lafitte and his men practically passed out of the life of Louisiana.

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The visitor to New Orleans to-day may see his tomb in the middle walk of what is known as St. Louis Cemetery No. The tablet bears his name surmounted by the emblem of Free Masonry.

How 2 Nerds Found Most Valuable Treasure in US History!

Of Beluche we only know that after peace had descended upon his native city, for he was a Creole, he became the commodore of the navy of Venezuela. Of Pierre Lafitte we know nothing, and of Jean but little more. In he had a fleet out under the Colombian flag, later he formed a colony on the island now occupied by the City of Galveston, and his name, if not his person, was the terror of the Gulf of Mexico in , but his end is lost in a maze of tradition and thus lost to history. His men, the Baratarians, their days of smuggling over, straggled back to their old haunts and became fishermen, crabbers, shrimpers and oyster men.

What Judge Walker has told so interestingly and well, need not be told again in any words but his:. John enters into Lake Ponchartrain at a distance of seven miles from the city.

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Here at its mouth may be seen the remains in an excellent state of preservation of an old Spanish fort which was built many years ago by one of the Spanish Governors as a protection of this important point, for by glancing at the map of New Orleans and its vicinity, it will be seen that a maritime power could find no easier approach to the city than through the Bayou St.

This fort was built as the Spaniards built all their fortifications in this State where stone could not be procured, of small brick imported from Europe cemented with a much more adhesive and permanent material than is now used for building and with walls of great thickness and solidity. The foundation and walls of the fort still remain, interesting vestiges of the old Spanish, dominion. On the mound and within the walls stands a comfortable hotel, where in the summer season may be obtained healthful cheer, generous liquors and a pleasant view of the placid and beautiful lake over whose gentle bosom the sweet south wind comes with just power enough to raise a gentle ripple on its mirror-like surface, bringing joy and relief to the wearied townsman and debilitated invalid.

Then there were large cannon looking frowningly through those embrasures which are now filled up with dirt and rubbish, and around them clustered glittering bayonets and fierce-looking men full of military ardor and fierce determination.

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