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For many of our clients, what matters most to them is usually a combination of:.

Want A Life Story That Truly Matters At The End? Here's How To Make It Happen.

That does not mean the choices will be simple or easy, but the clarity is powerful. When I stepped back from my life and recognized what really mattered to me, I made the following choices:.

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Reading this, you might not be a physician like I was, but I have found that my story is not so different from many of the people I meet. Like me, they got caught up in the momentum of their careers or what they perceived to be their obligations, and before they knew it they were driving to the office before the sun came up and driving home after the sun had gone down. They were tired.

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They were stressed. They felt unfulfilled, and they barely saw the people they loved. It is the book I wanted to write.

I hope it is the book you want to read, buy and share. It will be on the shelves on March 19th, but is available for pre-order now!

Personal Growth

One week later she removed him from medical support and drove home to tell their five-year old son. Of course, exactly what makes life meaningful will differ for each of us. The point is, we can take steps now to create our own meaningful stories. Sometimes situations we chose in the past no longer serve us. Jobs fail to stimulate.

Volunteer opportunities grow boring. Relationships turn awkward or tired.

"You Have Today to Do What Matters Most" | Psychology Today

Maybe toxic. It actually makes perfect sense, when you think about it. As we grow and change, so do our interests, needs and priorities. Or it could be that the choice we made was just plain wrong for us in the first place.

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  5. We just plow through the pages of our story without thinking about whether or not they fulfill us anymore. A meaningful life story happens with intention. Change is uncertain. It can be daunting.