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When Gronkowski was in last place several lengths behind the field about halfway through the race, it was not a huge surprise.

But Gronkowski charged approaching the penultimate turn before providing victorious Justify his biggest challenge down the stretch. There was no catching the dominant winner, but Groknowski provided the most drama on the track and gave his namesake a thrill in the stands.

Italian authorities allow campaigners to protest against bareback race

Which led to a pretty nice payout. Official Belmont results: Congratulations to all of the Gronkowskis at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. So what, says Curry. The risk of elevating a horse race from a niche sporting event to a national symbol is that, when the nation changes, so too must the event.

This is the challenge facing the organisers of the Melbourne Cup , who are torn between upholding the traditions of an inherently conservative sport and attempting to maintain their hold on the public consciousness despite pockets of outrage and a growing sense of indifference.


Recent footage of racehorses ending their careers at the slaughterhouse may prove a tipping point for what has become an event that some now see as no less outdated and exploitative as a circus with elephants. Increasing concern about the welfare of retired horses and a string of deaths on the track — six horses have died during or as a result of the Melbourne Cup since — have changed that.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the tide may be turning among a broader public. Dozens of people Guardian Australia spoke to — many previously neutral or mildly positive towards the race — say they plan to boycott the office sweep this year. Others say they were already appalled by the cultural cringe of seeing dozens of well-dressed adults vomiting into port-a-loos at 2pm, describing the spectacle of horse racing as both insufferably stuffy and unbearably gauche.

Some who have attended a spring carnival event in Melbourne as a way to see friends each year say they will not return until the industry submits to independent, robust regulation, rather than opaque industry-led promises to ensure spent thoroughbreds are retired to new homes.

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They have asked how to balance their growing unease with the memory of their teetotaling grandmother placing a bet each way for her grandchildren. The headline act, Taylor Swift, pulled out in September following a campaign by fans urging her not to support it for animal welfare reasons , to be replaced by Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea.

Callea has pledged to donate his performance fee to a horse welfare charity. Some companies have cancelled their annual Melbourne Cup lunch. If the Melbourne Cup were just a horse race, it would not generate this level of national angst. The Melbourne Cup was first run in to a crowd of 4, people. Two horses died.

It was a handicap race with a broad field and sneered at by the self-appointed arbiters of the Australian Jockey Club, whose premier event, the Sydney Derby, was a fixed-weight race designed to identify the best three-year-old colt in any given year. Please note: not all stock is available in all stores.

Rally the Horse Goes for a Run : David L Matthews :

PaperBack July 22, Rally the horse just wants to have fun. All the animals on the farm thinks that having fun means making a lot of noise! Will Rally ever find someone that just want to go for a run? Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode. Please note that prices may vary between www. Sorry, an error occurred while checking availability.

Melbourne Cup: how Australia's signature race lost its hold on the nation

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