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Celebrations, holidays and just everyday life, when family understands what is happening around you and they see it and you don't, they step up to the plate like the Caldwell's always and show you the light. This story was amazing!! The books always seem to get better and better Of Course Ryan and Linc would be my favorite because I am a huge Ranger fan but Nix stole your heart and then Cillian being the rocker just rocked you and then Flynn comes along being a fireman and has the instinct to save everyone and my husband being a fireman too just stole my Heart!!

I am hoping for more It was an honor to receive an ARC copy of this book for a honest review and it was unbelievably great writing!! Let me start by saying that I am a big Sawyer Bennett fan.

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I mean HUGE. I have been hooked on the Off series since page one of Off Sides. And then Cillian swept me off of my feet. Now, I have to say, I am so glad I met Flynn last.

A NYC firefighter with a major hero complex for good reason. He is the last we will see of the Caldwell clan don't worry if you are an Off series fan, yo Let me start by saying that I am a big Sawyer Bennett fan. He is the last we will see of the Caldwell clan don't worry if you are an Off series fan, you get plenty of peeks at the others in this story!

What do I love about Flynn? He isn't some philandering guy who suddenly changes his ways, nor a total jerk who all of a sudden turns in to a romance king. He is a nice guy bent on "saving" things.

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Then he meets Rowan. Rowan is my favorite type of heroine. She is the kind of girl who doesn't need saving. A strong female character, Rowan finds herself in difficult situations, but is more than capable of finding her way out. Reluctant to accept help, and determined to prove she can make it on her own, her attitude clashes wonderfully with Flynn's "save the world" outlook. What I love about this story is that there may be some instant attraction, but the relationship builds beautifully between these two over time.

Rumor has it that this may be the last book in the Off series.

I will definitely be said to see all of these boys go, but hopefully Ms. Bennett will come up with some more lovely gentlemen to sweep us away! The last book and the remaining single guy is Flynn. He is a firefighter and saves Rowan from a house fire. Being homeless and jobless he helps her out. Flynn: Real men don't wear scarfs Rowan: Fine. But don't complain when your neck gets cold Flynn: Real men don't complain I was expecting more of a story with Rowan's ex, but that fizzled out pretty quickly.

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What pushed the rating up for me was seeing all the characters together at the end and what an amazing out. What pushed the rating up for me was seeing all the characters together at the end and what an amazing epilogue! You're heart might be hard, but mine's not So, wasn't my personal favourite of the series my fav in order would go: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5. This was a perfect hero meets scared guarded heroine insta love type story.

Which sadly isn't my favourite storyline. But If you've read the other books, this one is not to be missed x ARC provided by the Author Quotes subject to change I feel like I know everyone personally I have to say, Flynn is awesome and just maybe a bit better then Nix I enjoyed everything about this book.

Rowan was so easy to like too Since this book isn't coming out until next month I am just reviewing with my feelings and nothing else!!!

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I can't wait for You guys to read it.. I know you will fall in love, you will laugh your ass off, you may cry your eyes, have a perma grin and who knows - you just may SWOON!!! This book is amazing and I'm sad about it at the same time because it's the last But I do own them all and know I will read them again Take the time to read each one of these books.

You will seriously miss out if You don't and don't forget to like Sawyer on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. She is very generous with her giveaways. Jan 12, Pamela Lilley rated it it was amazing. Flynn Caldwell is a firefighter, a job he felt he needed to do following the death of his high school girlfriend at the age of Fast forward a few years and we have Flynn attending a callout and rescuing the beautiful but very much broken Rowan Page. He has a true hero complex and is a genuinely good guy, and not in a pathetic way either, he's still a man's man. The circumstances of the rescue 4.

The circumstances of the rescue lead Ryan to save her in more ways than one and they become fast friends. Sadly due to her past Rowan does not trust easily and no matter how much Flynn tries to bring her walls down, she is not going to let herself feel more than friendship. Fun, sexy, happy, sad, told in dual POV, another fab read from Sawyer Bennett that also gives us sneak peaks into all the previous 'Off' series characters.

ARC provided by the Author for an honest review. I know I said it before but I'll say it again Sawyer Bennett you've done it again!!!! Never ceases to amaze me how she can write so intensely and I can feel every emotion from every character!!! She had me crying just from the prologue! OMG, what a way to start a book!! Rowan and Flynn are fantastic, believable characters! I fell in love with them both! Who wouldn't love a smokin hot fire fighter!

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He was heroic, sweet, loving, understanding and so patient with Rowan and her issues! In fact I was getting frustrated with Rowan, not letting him in, but when she did Those were some steamy scenes! My favorite character was Capone!! What a dog!! So adorable!!

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Great job yet again Sayer Bennett! Thank you so much for the opportunity at the ARC!! Wow this series only gets better and better! Flynn Caldwell oh swoon- he's one gorgeous firefighter with a hero complex. Flynn and Rowan meet in dire circumstances and when Flynn see's her beautiful eyes he sees it as his duty to help her. Rowan is one tough cookie having learned to rely only on herself at a young age.

She is quite hesistant to accept help from Flynn. She's doesn't trust easily, has a wall around her heart, but cannot help feeling Flynn's actions as genuine. I loved the story an Wow this series only gets better and better! I loved the story and Flynn's sincerity, the way he treated Rowan and opened up to her. Rowan was so tough and hard around the edges due to her past which was understandable.

There were times when I wanted to shake her for pushing Flynn away!!! This is such a great series definitely a must read!! I loved Flynn he's another sexy Caldwell to add to the list! What can I say? I have loved this entire series from the beginning but I will say this one is my favorite of all : The prologue broke my heart but that gave me a better understanding of Flynn and the type of person he is.

So when he rescues Rowan, I was hooked from then. Flynn and Rowan.. Rowan held back and was so stubborn, but we get why she does that as well.

Off Chance

The story was amazing! Loved seeing all the other characters from the other series.. Wonderful conclusion to the series!! If you haven't ready the other "Off" books, what are you waiting for? Sawyer has become one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading more from her Rating: 4 Stars Wow!