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The industrial action of the s meant power cuts and a demand for paraffin, which kept the shopkeepers of Britain busy — and in profit. Shop number two was purchased in and suddenly we entered a gruelling work regime of 5am wake-up calls and late-night closing. As a newsagent, it pushed us into the goldmine territory of newspapers, cigarettes and booze, and, for me, this is where the memories of shop life are most vivid.

It was a world I cared little for and I spent hours daydreaming of the day I could break free: no more mopping floors and stacking shelves. My sisters were my co-pilots, but being the youngest of three girls I was spared the heavy lifting, such as hauling cases of Pedigree Chum across the cash-and-carry car park. Sweets were my domain. I was in awe of the rows of glass jars housing a variety of treats that sat on high shelves behind the counter.

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Those who came to Britain from east Africa and India in the s and s were willing to take on what seemed like a dying trade, navigating the long hours and Sunday trading. Between and , the number of general stores fell by But it came at a price. The corner shop remains a lifeline for many immigrant communities. Refugees who have fled the civil war in Sri Lanka can now be seen behind counters across the UK.

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The Afghan community who have left a homeland burdened by war to seek a better life abroad can also be spotted opening shutters of local shops in the early hours. And since Poland joined the EU in , Poles have made no apologies for setting up shop, too. Habits are changing too.

Frequent top-up shops are back in favour. We have this change to thank for supermarkets rebranding their smaller stores in an attempt to conquer corner shop terrain. According to a Waitrose report, one in 10 people decide what to buy for their evening meal just before they eat it — often shopping for it on their way home from work. The best type of customer for a corner shop kid is one who can make your insides ache from laughing. Arthur was such a man. He would stake out his position until closing time and became as regular a fixture in the shop as the rows of shelving.

How have these 15 retailers managed to grow so fast?

Now retired, his days of serving as a soldier during the second world war were long forgotten. It was his visits to our shop that gave structure to his day. And for every day that he kept a watchful eye over Mum during cashing-up time, we did our bit to relieve him of his boredom and loneliness. Customers expected to see Arthur as much as they expected the 1kg bag of cat litter to be on special offer. He was one of only a few who understood what our world was all about. At least once or twice a week you can spot an elderly Indian couple in Reading squeezing the courgettes in Aldi and sizing up the tomatoes in Tesco.

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They still scour the supermarket shelves searching for best buys and lamenting the extortionate prices. Mum and Dad shut up shop in in the face of stiff competition from the supermarkets that were dominating the local landscape. What they miss most is you, their customer.

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At the recent Las Vegas Market, two of the biggest brands in the D2C home business— Casper and Resident parent to Nectar and other labels —both operated showrooms at the World Market Center facility, showing their lines to retailers working the show. This marked a dramatic change in how the direct sellers first envisioned their business model. Casper and Resident themselves had already opened their own stores and extended their distribution in a limited fashion to third parties, at Target and Amazon, respectively.

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But their latest move in Vegas indicates that the two brands increasingly see their futures lying with broad retail distribution. Resident is the umbrella name created in May for several of its mattress brands—besides Nectar, its lines include DreamCloud, Awara and Level—as well as furniture Bundle, Cloverlane , rugs Wovenly and soon, home textiles under the Living label.

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The company first showed at Las Vegas Market in January and says it now sells into some 1, furniture stores, including well-known retailers like Nebraska Furniture Mart and American Furniture Warehouse. The company is clearly banking on broad retail distribution to support its growth. However, the space was open by invitation only, complete with a greeter or bouncer at the entrance.

Casper first moved into physical retailing with a partnership with West Elm in ; the collaboration ended the following year and was replaced with a broader program at Target that included accessories like bedding and pillows in addition to mattresses. At around the same time, the company said it planned to open as many as of its own stores , although the number opened so far is believed to be far less, perhaps under How this apparent broadening of its third-party retail distribution would impact both the Target tie-in or its own Casper stores remains to be seen, but one can guess that there may be sub-brands or other tiered product assortments to allow for multiple retail channels.

Some of the competitors in the DTC home furnishings and mattress space have opened their own stores and a few have smaller tie-in programs with select retailers. But the Resident and Casper moves represent a serious scaling up of the direct model that fully encompasses conventional legacy retailers. It is part of the ongoing evolution in retailing that continues to blur the lines between business models and brands.

Warren Shoulberg is the former editor in chief for several leading B2B publications.

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