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Grantville Gazette, Volume 21 by Paula Goodlett. Grantville Gazette, Volume 22 by Paula Goodlett. Grantville Gazette, Volume 23 by Paula Goodlett. Some stories have thus served as the genesis of their own universe sub-series or plot thread.

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This is chaired by Eric Flint, who retains veto power over all work in the verse, and Eric then decides in which issue or volume of the Gazette the story should be allocated. Authors get paid a sub-professional rate upon the acceptance of the work, and additional financial remuneration and considerations when the anthology reaches print at a later time. The Gazettes thus contain short stories based in the world of Flint's series , as well as articles about the restrictions on technology available in the time-stranded town and the plausibility of items and redeveloped technology within the milieu of the multiverse.

The latter essays are written by members based on findings and results from a more formal subset of contributor-advisors known as the Technical board. Part of this group also sits on the Editorial Board. The impact of individual stories in the Grantville Gazettes will likely never be truly known, because even the bad ones have shaped the action, commentary, and thought on the web-forums Tech and Comments.

Even those that fail to meet the final test of espousing ' canon ' developments in the neohistory have influenced later written works, including those by Flint, who is the final determiner as the sole person involved in each work in the milieu of what is acceptable canon. Considered one way, each story written has the ability of setting a new Point of divergence , affecting various storylines. Several fan-written stories have suggested major plotlines, even before the concept of the Grantville Gazettes eMagazine experiment was approved by Jim Baen.

Those stories were published alongside established writers in the Ring of Fire , and according to Flint, affected other main plotlines like The Ram Rebellion. Other Gazette stories have filled in important gaps in terms of economics, sociology, and technology: "The Sewing Circle" deals with four precocious teen friends and their stubborn insistence on making adult contributions.

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When they succeed, they establish a model for uptimers starting downtime businesses, setting an example that ripples through Grantville. In the sequel, "Other People's Money", they shake up the European stock markets , and not inconsequentially, interest the downtime populace in learning more about investing and uptime financial knowledge.

Sociologically, their success doomed tailoring guilds, and spawned down-timer publication of popular fiction, inculcating up-timer sociology et cetera via modern novels, especially perhaps, Romance novels. Apparently even downtimers like their soaps! On another level entirely, the gazette stories are just stories.

Since they tend to focus on the ground-level interactions of their protagonists, and those characters tend to repeat, not only in subsequent stories by the same author, but in stories by others, Flint has characterized them in part as soap-operas in the prologue to Grantville Gazette IV. Not without making things worse for the country. Lori thought a moment. She had thirty-five years of experience in interpreting the verbal universe to her daughter.

A bystander. Somebody on the sidelines. And you can't help it. Shae and Shaun aren't even grown up. He was in my group for two years before he started kindergarten. Do you know what I think? And you're all letting them get away with it.

It I let the kids in my group get away with picking on someone like that, Heather would fire me. I know she would. And she'd be right to do it. Frank and Karyn Sue. Cora plopped five cups of coffee down on the table. This morning. Cora grinned. And then she had every single one of the kids hug her. Nellie wants a story book; she thinks dolls are folly.

As for me, my little brain isn't very bright.

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Choose for me, old Santa Claus, what you think is right. I'm sure her intentions were good, but maybe she's just made things worse. She'd been crying for two hours before she managed get her voice enough under control enough to pick it up and call Karyn Sue McDougal. Gary's in the army and you don't want to be getting your husband in trouble. I know he's up at the oil field in Wietze and you might think that's far enough away, but… Karyn Sue, honey, the head guy up at the oil field is Quentin Underwood.

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I don't think that he'd be very… understanding… if he got it into his head that Gary was a sympathizer to what Johnny Lee did. Or something like that. There was a pause at the other end of the line. Then, "It doesn't have anything to do with Gary.

Or with what Johnny Lee did. It's about the way people are treating you and Shae and Shaun. Kamala bit her upper lip. You don't want people to start treating Michael and Allyson the way they're treating Shae and Shaun.

Grantville Gazette, Volume VII (Kobo eBook)

Believe me on this. You don't want them to do that. Kamala didn't know quite what to answer. Then she decided that she had to be honest. Right now, I do think they would.


Believe me. And thanks again. But… maybe you had better just stay out of it. That's as fair as I can be to you. To Gary and your kids.