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Through The Bible - English - 08 (Deuteronomy) by Zac Poonen

A New Generation. Well in his years, Moses retells the account of Mt. Sinai and their parents' forty years in the wilderness to Israel's next generation. Love and Obey. Moses reminds Israel's new generation to love, believe, and stay obedient to God and not fall into rebellion and unbelief like their parents did. Moses Reviews the Law. Moses reviews the terms of the Old Covenant laws to the new Israelites that include conduct for government establishment, civil and social responsibility, and worship.

Moses' Final Speech.

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In his final speech, Moses charges the new Israel to choose between life and obeying God, or death and disobedience. He urges them to choose life.

Moses Passes the Torch. Moses' attendant Joshua is appointed as the new leader. His purpose completed, Moses travels up Mount Nebo, sees the Promised Land, and dies at years old. Keep Reading Deuteronomy. Continue Your Learning Journey. Series Blogs Podcasts Downloads Books.

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Do you know where the trouble lies? The trouble is with you and me. Therefore God must save us only by His grace.

Moses wrote Deuteronomy. Moses was a man who knew God; he talked with God face to face. The children of Israel saw the acts of God, but did not know Him.

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Moses knew His ways. Deuteronomy is the result of this intimate knowledge, plus the experience of forty years in the wilderness. The section dealing with the death of Moses Deut. When the Book of Joshua was written, it was placed on the scroll of the Pentateuch, making a Hexateuch.

The authorship of Deuteronomy has been challenged by the critics. Also the critics stated that the purpose of the book was to glorify the priesthood at Jerusalem, yet neither the priesthood nor Jerusalem is even mentioned in the Book of Deuteronomy. It is amazing to see that this Graf—Wellhausen hypothesis, as it is known, which came out of the German universities years ago, is still being taught in many of our seminaries in the United States.

The Book of Deuteronomy was given to the new generation that was unfamiliar with the experiences at Mount Sinai. The new generation had arrived on the east bank of the Jordan River, and it was one month before they would enter the Promised Land. The adults of the generation which had left Egypt were dead, and their bones were bleaching beneath the desert skies because of their unbelief and disobedience.

There is a blessing and a curse.

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Dt Destroy the high places where the nations worship their gods. You shall bring your offerings at the place that the LORD will choose. If a town has turned away it must be destroyed. Dt You may eat animals with cloven hooves that chew the cud. Dt Every seven years you shall cancel debts. Hebrew slaves shall go free in the seventh year. Set apart every firstborn male animal. Dt Celebrate the Passover in the month of Abib. Celebrate the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of Booths. Appoint judges in all your towns.

Dt Anyone who breaks the covenant shall be put to death. Go to the priests with hard decisions. Appoint the king that the LORD chooses. Dt The priests shall eat the offerings made by fire. You shall not practise divination. The LORD will raise up a prophet from among you. Dt Set aside three cities so that anyone who kills accidently may flee there.

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A matter must be established by two or three witnesses. As you go to attack a city, offer terms, except to the cities of the land.

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Dt If a dead body is found, the city elders must cleanse the guilt. Give your eldest son his portion. A rebellious son shall be stoned. Dt If you find your neighbour's ox you shall return it. If a man falsely claims that his new wife was not a virgin he shall be punished.

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When you go out to war the camp must be holy. Be careful to do what you have vowed. Dt If a man divorces his wife he must not remarry her.