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The Works. Search Search Search Search. My Account Store Locator Join. Basket 0 items. Start by making 2 grids that are sectioned 11 by The top row is marked , the left side column is marked A-J. Make sure to mark down any hits and misses. Player 1 stands behind player 2 and draws a picture on their back. When they have finished player 2 then has to recreate that picture on the piece of paper with their eyes shut. You can see the black line was the original mark made. Not only is this a great game but it is also a way to help develop little ones imaginations or help older ones rediscover theirs and get them thinking out of the box.

The object of the game is to fill in a template story with your own characters, descriptions and actions. This is done by taking turns to choose a word or phrase to complete the story. Just like the head, body, and legs game you need to fold over the paper after each word or phrase is written. Met in a standard game, two characters always meet but you could adjust this to another verb. Of course this is not a pen and paper game, but it is still fun to make and guaranteed to keep children of all ages busy and entertained. If you liked these, I also have some brain teasers as well. Home Blogger.

The game is for players and normally takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The game was published in and became an instant classic, winning several awards in its first year of production, and selling over , copies in its first four years of production, the following six years saw more than 3 million copies sold according to wikipedia.


Pagat Rules Guide to Canasta Canasta is a Rummy-like game that is played with two standard 52 card decks and their Joker cards, cards in total. As with Rummy players seek to meld cards by building hands of matching cards, or suited runs. Different card types have different values. Canasta is one of the most popular card games and there are many national variations including: Cuban, British, Brazilian, Italian, Chilean, and Bolivian. Canasta is well known for having as many rulesets as players, with many growing up learning their own house ruled version of the game.

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This has lead to the creation of Boat Canasta and other attempts to unify the game. Time will tell if any of these are successful, until then we recommend that when playing this popular game with a new face, go over the rules ahead of time. Games can be expected to last between 30 minutes and two hours. Pieces have various ranks and functions.

In addition to their ranked pieces, players also have access to bombs, and specialty pieces like the Spy which can defeat the Marshal if the Spy makes the attack and the Sapper which can defuse bombs. Stratego is a deep strategy game that has been enjoyed by millions around the globe. The franchise has had many successful licensed versions of the game including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, Chronicles of Narnia, and Pirates of the Caribbean versions which have all met with success.

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Mahjong Wikipedia Entry Mahjong is a game with a long, rich history. The legend of its creation asserts that the game was created by Confucius in B. Mahjong has been a popular Chinese pastime for at least two centuries. Originally, like many games, used for gambling, the game was banned during the cultural revolution, though shortly after, non-gambling versions began to surface, the ban was finally lifted in and the game has regained its popularity.

Mahjong was brought to the United States in the early 20th century. The actual play of the game is complex and there are many rules variants, the basic objective is to score points by matching tiles in certain orders. Cluedo Wikipedia Entry Clue is the ultimate murder mystery board game. Since its launch in Clue, or as it was known in Britain, Cluedo, has been one of the most popular, and famous board games in history. The game is constantly referenced in television, movies, books, and pretty much all forms of media.

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Clue also bears the distinction of what is likely the most successful adaptation of a board game to a movie, the cult classic Clue. There have been multiple spinoff board games, card games, VCR and DVD games, however none of those have managed to garner the fanfare of the original board game.


Clue is certainly one of the top board games ever conceived. North American Scrabble Players Association This word-game phenomenon is one of the most beloved board games of all time. The game is designed for two to four players. The objective is to score the most points by playing words on the board from your hand of seven tiles.

Each word except the first word must be connected to other words. Each tile bears a letter, which is assigned a point value.

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The point value of letters can be enhanced by board conditions, allowing players to maximize their points. Scrabble is a simple game on the surface, but boasts a deceptive amount of depth, from word placement, to which word to spell when. Scrabble is one of few branded board games to be played professionally. The game was created in and was rejected by quite a few board game manufacturers at the time. Apples to Apples Wikipedia Entry Apples to Apples is an incredibly fun party game that can be played with four to ten players.

Each round one of the players takes a turn as a judge. The game features two decks, the green deck, and the red deck. Cards from the red deck are dealt to players, each having a hand of seven. The goal is to match a red card to a green card in a way that will cause the judge to pick your card and award you the green card as a point. Apples to Apples is a fun, light hearted game that has spawned several expansions and versions including: Junior, Jewish, Bible, and Disney editions, as well as versions for multiple various languages.

World of Cataan Wiki Community Settlers of Cataan is one of those games that comes along every now and again that captures the imagination of a generation. In Settlers the board is made of tiles which can be randomized every game to create a new experience. There are multiple variations that can be played even just with the original game. The game has spawned numerous expansions, many of which are just as popular as the main game. Settlers has, over its nearly 20 year history, inspired a massive fan base that not only play the game, but create custom versions of the game to showcase at conventions.


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Settlers has won eight major awards over the years. Settlers is another game with high level competitive play, the World Championship Tournament, first held in , is held every two years. World Backgammon Association Excavations in Iran and Egypt have shown predecessors to the game of Backgammon race games using dice dating back to BC according to Wikipedia.

Such games have maintained popularity throughout the millennia in the Middle Eastern countries, but spread throughout the years to the Mediterranean states, Europe, and China. Backgammon and its predecessors are likely the oldest board games to be played between two people. The basic concepts of a board, pieces, and dice have had untold influence on the development of board gaming. The first, and most popular of the genre to this day. Designed by Richard Garfield during his college days, the game was first published in They sold out within days and the phenomenon began. The game boasts over 12 million active players worldwide, and over six million of them compete at various levels.

Between the Friday Night Magic and Professional levels there are Pro Tour Qualifiers which are tournaments that allow amateur players to qualify for professional play, and pro-am style tournaments known as Grand Prix, which have a prize pool of several thousand dollars and the top four of which qualify for the pro tour.

Magic is played everywhere from the kitchen table, to massive convention centers around the world. It pioneered one of the most popular genres of card game, and is still one of the most popular and successful games today.